General Overseer


Bishop Pat and Rev. Pam Johnson
CCM General Overseer and Spouse

Bishop Pat Maxwell Anthony Johnson is the General Overseer of Canadian Christian Ministries. He is a graduate of the Ministerial Affirmation Program and the Ministerial Internship Program of the Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee, USA. Bishop Johnson is also a graduate of the University of Guyana with a Diploma in Medical Technology, and a certified Medical Laboratory Technician with the Ontario Society of Medical Technologists.

Rev. Pamela Johnson, spouse of the General Overseer is a certified Early Childhood Educator. Both the Bishop and his spouse previously held credentials as Ordained Ministers with Kingsway Fellowship Int., Des Moines, Iowa; the Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee and the Independent Assemblies of God International (Canada).

They are the founders of Grace Tabernacle now known as Gideon 300 Church of God, and the senior founders of Canadian Christian Ministries. They are also the authors of four books, namely, "Eyes To See", Yes You Can", “Transcending Denominational Barriers”, and “Growing Up Wasn’t Easy”.

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