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Know Where You Are Going

Leaders set goals in all areas of their lives. So many people never get anywhere in their lives because they do not know where they are trying to go.

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You Get What You Expect

Leaders expect to succeed, and they expect success for their people. Life gives people whatever they will accept. It has been proven over and over again that things will work out exactly as you see them working out in your life.

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Building Personal Relationships

Leaders know that strong personal relationships strengthen their business relationships. To build personal relationships, show your people that you care.

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Build Your Ministry With Quality

Never sacrifice quality; there is no substitute for building it right. Never let your desire for rapid growth take the place of your common sense. There will be times when people you thought were real “stars” will turn out not to be stars.

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Have Respect for Others

People willingly and loyally follow great leaders because they trust and respect them, not because of their titles or status, and leaders gain that respect from the way that they behave towards others.

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Leading by Example

Leaders must lead by example. Leaders are role models. Of course people can, and should, make independent choices and they should not just be blind followers doing whatever the leader does, but the leader’s behavior is a reference point.

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Our Missionary Trip to Saskatchewan

From the onset the information and details for the planned trip to Saskatchewan was well organized. Bishop Pat Johnson was meticulous in providing ongoing communication.  Once I made the commitment to attend it was an electric feeling...

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The Importance of Knowledge

Solomon did not ask God for riches or fame or power – he asked for wisdom because wisdom will lead to riches which will give you power and can lead to fame. But you cannot gain wisdom without knowledge.

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How to Increase your Capacity

There is a limit to what one person can do, but someone can increase that limit by increasing their capacity to do more. It does not matter how educated or talented someone is – one person can only do so much.

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Leaders and Conquerors

Alexander the Great was able to conquer the known world in his early thirties. In 334 BC he invaded the Persian Empire and in 10 years defeated the Persian King Darius III stretching the Empire of Greece from the Adriatic Sea to the Indus River.

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